XAR Invicta Complete Upper

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Now you can enjoy the revolutionary performance and functionality of the XAR Invicta as a complete upper. Compatible with any mil-spec AR15 lower.

XAR performance in a more nimble package

Now you can enjoy the revolutionary performance and functionality of the XAR Invicta as a complete upper. Compatible with any mil-spec AR15 lower.

The AR Platform Has Been Redefined

Introducing the XAR folding rifle platform by F&D Defense – the fastest deploying and most reliable compact rifle system available.

The F&D Defense XAR Invicta is the first ever FOLDING AR platform rifle. It can be deployed in less than 5 seconds without the use of any tools and unfolded just as quickly by using a spent case to unlatch the hook and handle and fold the rifle where the barrel meets the upper. While the rifle is folded it is secured by a detent that prevents the rifle from unfolding while stored. The XAR is the most compact auto loading rifle in the world, it does not require a tax-stamp, and has superior ballistics to AR pistols and SBRs while still being as or in some cases more compact. On top of the compact benefits of the XAR, it is also inherently easier to clean. Since the invention of the AR platform the “star chamber” has always presented a problem in the maintenance of the firearm. Because the rifle folds where the barrel and the upper meet this makes it possible to access this part of the rifle for easy maintenance. The XAR would not be possible without extremely innovative engineering, the rifle utilizes a tapered barrel extension and tapered receiver seat, these results in a rock solid lockup, accuracy and reliability, while the rugged construction of the XAR ensures it will last for generations. The folding mechanism is guaranteed for the life of the rifle, both the hook and handle are made from hardened, drop forged alloy steel, delivering not only the most innovative AR platform rifle on the planet but a military grade one at that. Finally what good is functionality at the expense of performance? The XAR maintains zero and delivers reliability and accuracy no matter how many times it is deployed and stowed. 

The XAR Invicta is chambered in 5.56 Nato/.223 Remington.

CALIBER: 5.56 NATO/.223 Remington
WEIGHT: 6.2 Pounds 
BARREL: 16″ Barrel or 14.5” Barrel (pinned and welded comp)

Adventure Ready.

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